Hi, my name is Danny Williams, welcome to my site. 

I am a full time athlete and coach at the renowned Camberley Judo Club in Great Britain. I relocated to Surrey from my hometown of Shrewsbury at the age of 19 shortly after completing an apprenticeship in plastering; realising that I would very possibly look back on, and regret, not fully going after my dream of becoming an international level Judo player, I swiftly left the construction industry behind and packed my bags for the south of England.

For the first nine years of my time training under Team GB Olympic coach Luke Preston at Camberley, I lived in the Judo club itself. Yes, you read that correctly. I, along with twenty others, lived in a renovated porta cabin next to the training centre in which to partake in the full time training programme, consisting of three sessions per day. 

During my time as an athlete I have competed at 7 major events which include the London 2012 Olympic Games and becoming 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist in Glasgow. As well as winning various other international titles and medals I am also a qualified coach having completed a degree in Sports Coaching at Anglia Ruskin University. Today, my coaching duties are leading the kids and recreational senior sections at Camberley.

I am a member of Carlson Gracie Farnborough Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, currently as a brown belt. I also enjoy the occasional sessions at Camberley Boxing Club and Woking Thai Boxing Club.

Outside of my sporting life I am very passionate about literature; particularly the genres of history and philosophy. I spend my spare time creative writing, journaling, blogging & vlogging regularly, drawing, listening to music and watching film.